After nearly a year of spending more time at home, our heels have taken a backseat to more practical styles, as we've re-prioritised and now put comfort first.

Laines London

Let’s be honest. All we’re wearing at the moment are  slippers .They even adopted a new name for themselves on the runway as “inside shoes” and have become  an important part of our daily style…why not have pretty feet all day long.

So we thought if we’re going to wear slippers let's get some pretty cute ones. We discovered  Laines of London on our buying trip last year and lets say their slippers are everything we imagined, soft,   fluffy, pretty and just that little bit of sparkle we all love with their trims. Hope they're to your  liking because we sure  like them  :)

Pink slippers

February 15, 2020 — Fabucci Shoes

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