Whether your lifestyle calls for heels on occasion or you're the type to wear  no less than three inch heels daily, which in fairness, possibly hasn't happened in the last eighteen months life is getting back to some normality and with that in mind we've selected what we consider one of the  essentials should an occasion arise... the NUDE shoe.

The Power of the Nude Shoe.
The obvious reason why we  wear heels is to make us look taller. Even though a  little boost in height is good, elongated legs are even better. A nude shoe does just that therefore:

Tip 1. Choose a nude that matches your skin tone .
Tip 2. Pointy toe nudes are always better and  they give more lengthening effect.

Kate Middleton is just  one of the names that springs to mind when talking all things nude shoes.

Kate Middleton and nude shoes


Why Nude shoes?
They go with almost everything, from a colour block ensemble to Summer brights.

Nude with bright dress

Why the matching Nude bag?
Tip 3.
It completes the look and yes maybe in a classical way but you'll never have to worry  about matching  the colour of your ensemble.

Hogl Handbag

Our HOGL Nude leather court  ERA is one of our choicest styles.This wonderfully soft leather stiletto  will work tirelessly in your wardrobe season after season . Classic, timeless and elegant, they compliment any feminine wardrobe.
The matching leather  clutch bag is available to order separately.

Hogl Nude Shoes

If you prefer a more almond shape toe then GABOR nude patent  court Splendid is a great option. On a 90 mm heel with a 15 mm platform sole ,Splendid gives you great height with the bonus of the cushioning of the platform.

Unisa nude patent

Unisa's nude patent court is another great style on a 90 mm heel. It has more a pinkish hue than the Gabor or Hogl  so  which you choose really depends on your skin tone.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of nude and even though she is quite a short woman, she looks long and lean in her nudes.

As always our heel advice is to go for comfort at your heel level and we hope these tips help you in your choice.

Kim Kardashian

October 14, 2021 — Fabucci Shoes

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